7 February 2022

Fake turf vs Sod


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We will share a lot of landscaping tips on this blog. Keep scrolling to learn about the differences between fake turf vs sod.

In this post, we break down the benefits of fake turf vs sod to help you make decisions before you start landscaping project on your back garden or any other area around the property.

Let’s say you are planing to replace the surface on your lawn. In order to make a right decision, you need to be familiar with differences that fake turf and sod have. Each type has their benefits. Knowing them all, will help you to make the right choice. We have listed some factors, that will help you to narrow down your searching and make the decision that will bring you complete satisfaction.

1. Think about the Cost of Installation of fake turf and sod.

There are several aspects that determine the cost of installation fake turf and sod. For example, cost of materials needed to install your new lawn depends on the size of the area you want to landscape. Groundworks and drainage needs also play a role in total price, that will need to be paid to install your lawn.

Generally, isn’t possible to bring the installation cost down for natural grass without giving up on quality, as sod is very delicate during its growth phase. For example, saving on proper ground works or drainage system will only cause problems in short future.

Artificial grass, however, has some option that can help to reduce the overall cost. We are offering different types of fake turf, that differs by pile height, its color, thickness, but they still have good quality. So, by choosing the cheapest version from our catalog, you will save money without loosing the quality.

2. Think about future maintenance.

People usually think about how much it will cost them to install the new lawn without calculating how much it will cost them in the future to maintain it.

Roll out turf is cheaper to buy and it is cheaper to install, but you need to consider how much you will spend to keep it always in a perfect condition. Include in your expenses such process, as fertilizing, mowing, scarifying, weed elimination. Without this your natural lawn will look poor. Some processes needs to be repeated once a year, some twice and some on a weekly basis. This is time and money consuming procedure.

Fake turf will be more expensive to buy and install, but it almost doesn’t require maintenance. The only maintenance needed for artificial grass is to brush it, if it gets dirty. Brushing will help to get rid of dirt and also will refresh the look by bringing grass blades up.

3. Think about Environment.

In today world it is very important before making any changes in your landscaping project to think how does it impact to environment!

What does natural grass? It helps to reduce airborne pollutants and also refill oxygen, which is so important. If you decide to go with roll out turf, consider to include in your maintenance plan using organic fertilizers and pesticides, avoiding any chemicals. In this case you will minimise your impact in environment!

What does fake turf? It doesn’t require a maintenance where you need to use any chemicals, that can have a negative impact to the world around you. Likewise, make your choice towards the artificial grass that can be recycled! In this case, once the artificial grass reaches its maximum lifespan, bring it to manufactures, where it can be recycled and used again to create a brand new synthetic grass, that can be sold again.

4. Health and safety first!

It is very important, especially if you have kids in your family and you know that you are going to spend lots of time on your lawn, just enjoying the view or playing sport with your loved ones to think about everyone’s health and safety.

Yes, natural grass is so good for the environment and probably you just prefer all organic and natural around you. However, roll out turf has some hazards you need to be aware of! If you have dogs and kids, for example! All the dogs just love digging around the lawn, creating holes and divots. Later, your kids, playing around can not notice some of them and risk to trap and fall injuries. Also, natural lawn is a perfect place to create nests for insects, such as bees, which also dangerous for the entire family. Another unpleasure fact is, lots of people are allergic to the sod. this fact also doesn’t let to enjoy landscaped lawn in full.

With artificial grass all the hazards described previously can be eliminated. You can stop worrying about the allergy. You can finally do not worry about your dog digging all around and be more calm about your kids safety. You can even go further and add some padding beneath the artificial grass. In this case, even if your kid will fall down, he will not feel it so hard. Your artificial lawn will never be overgrown, which means no insects find a perfect spot for their nests.

5. Let’s talk about Aesthetics! Fake turf vs Sod.

Natural grass goes through dormant period no matter what…have you give your lawn excellent maintenance or not, this stage is inevitable. It means that during that period your lawn will partially loose it’s natural beauty. Another issue is weeds and moss, together with heavy use, that creates muddy holes. Without proper care, your lawn won’t look very aesthetic, don’t you agree? To get your lawn repaired and bring it’s natural beauty back, it’s a time consuming process, unfortunately.

Completely a different thing is artificial grass! It looks green all year along, with no maintenance required! No more mowing needed, no fertilising or other types of care, that you need to do in case you have natural grass. And when your artificial lawn reaches its maximum life span, it takes only a day or two to get everything replaced. Perfect lawn in such a short time, what can be better?

Artificial grass in Dublin

Fake turf vs sod


Think carefully about your needs and preferences before investing in your landscaping project! You might think that natural grass is better option, but when it comes to easy maintenance and no more investing during the year, artificial grass always wins over the roll out turf. However, we provide both services! We supply and install artificial grass, which is top quality. We work with the best suppliers in Ireland that offers europe quality artificial grass. Contact us if you want to see the samples or you need help with the measuring the area. We also supply and lay roll out turf. Contact us if you desire to get a quote.

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